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Welcome to the Making Contact Campus Community

Disclosure is happening. Extra-Terrestrials are here. How can we prepare ourselves socially for this new reality?

It's time to come together.

Be part of a growing global community discussing the most profound subject mankind has ever considered: Making Contact with Extra-Terrestrials. 

Let's continue taking steps to expand our worldviews.

What is The Making Contact Campus?

The Making Contact Campus is a 3D virtual platform where people can gather from around the world to research, learn, and share their experiences. World renowned experts and experiencers facilitate virtual events, seminars, and workshops on how to connect with our Human & Star Families.

Immerse yourself in a virtual world with other ET contact experiencers & researchers. Be a part of the global community to make contact, keep up with the latest speaker events, engage in deep discussions, and sync up for group meditations.

This is the companion site to the virtual reality Making Contact Campus.

Why Join This Community?

Powerful things can happen when we come together and share our collective knowledge and intelligence. This movement is where we can meet more like-hearted people around the world, create resonant discussion groups, collect and share our best resources and experiences, and experience deeper synchronicity.

  • Connect with people and share Contact experiences
  • Access members-only events and discounts.
  • Discover more about Human-Initiated Contact and attend synchronized Making Contact events
  • Explore the history of humanity's connection to nature and all advanced life throughout the universe
  • Learn more about the Global Citizens Diplomacy Initiative and how to prepare to initiate contact
  • Be part of advancing incredible research, and easily report and visualize global experiences of Contact
  • Co-create more experiences with an incredibly passionate, supportive, and accepting community.

The First Contact Protocol Training

Explore the Sky Mark Sims as he facilitates the first in-depth training of this new Contact protocol.

Learn about the fascinating history of Radio frequencies, and how they apply to Making Contact. This training includes support in getting your Technician License to use Ham Radios, and teaches you how to transmit photo imagery through sound with a specialized mobile app. Combining this modern technology with ancient practices of Meditation and specific breath work, creates a unique experience you don't want to miss!

The training begins this October, and goes for three consecutive weekends with a 2-hour Live class every Sunday.  When you join this training, you will also be given Membership access to The Making Contact Campus included with your purchase. 

We will also be focusing on furthering research as we get everyone utilizing the First Contact Protocol, and reporting on their experiences.

Enjoy all the benefits of membership and meet more people that are interested in connecting with our Star family.


We are happy you’re here. See you inside!

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